Well-being health food for the whole family,
It is the pheasant of April.

Jeju Folk Food was established in 1995 to modernize and popularize pheasant taffy, a traditional health food of Jeju Island, and has been developing thanks to the love and encouragement of Jeju residents.
Jeju Folk Food is working hard to promote the taste of Jeju, such as pheasant taffy and tangerine syrup, a special product of Jeju.

Pheasant Taffy is a traditional health food of Jeju, carefully brewed by mixing only domestic pheasants, glutinous rice, and malt.
It has been loved as a precious food since ancient times, and it is soft and not sweet, so you can feel the simple taste.
It is a special tourist product that represents Jeju and has established itself as a well-being health food for the whole family.

Pheasant Taffy, a traditional Jeju food, is a delicious traditional food that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including children, students, office workers, and the elderly.

Jeju Folk Food operates a pheasant taffy processing factory, a local specialty product market, a pheasant education farm in April, and a restaurant.
At the Pheasant House, you can see various kinds of pheasants, and there is a wide lawn square and Seongbul Oreum climbing course.
It is Jeju's pheasant theme park where you can see, enjoy, and eat at the same time when you visit.

Representative of "April Pheasant" Joo-nam Kang